Mythic Pro

Graphic Design Services

In 1997 James Vandenberg founded the design studio apostrophe, which specialised in design and development of online content during the mainstream adoption of the Internet.

In the years that followed, apostrophe grew and adapted to the ever changing landscape, adding TV and Motion graphic production, 3D prototyping and more to it’s list of services.

Today, apostrophe design has become Mythic Pro, the design & development branch of Mythic.  While the name may have changed, our philosophy has not, as we continue providing the same quality of service and personal attention expected of apostrophe.

Mythic Pro has been a specialist in online design services for decades, however we offer a wide range of design services:

Graphic Design

Logo Design and Branding

Web Design & Development

WordPress Deployment

Video Editing and Motion Graphics

Podcast Production


Our client focus is on individual, small to medium sized businesses, where our ability to offer a tailored solution can help create a powerful presence without the need for a large design budget or dedicated art department.

Long before the world was plagued with COVID-19, we worked with clients from around the world remotely, offering our services far and wide. By it’s very inception, Mythic Design is a fully capable and proven remote-work studio.

Communication is always key and we aim to offer a friendly, no-nonsense work ethic to get your design goals met in a timely and cost-effective manner.